September and October Socks

Making a pair of sock each month is actually quite easy. Every month I pick up a sock pattern, I choose the yarn and I knit my socks. Each pair, takes from 3 days to 2 weeks to finish, depending on the pattern (hello ankle socks) and my knitting time.

The hard part is to take photos and blog about them. It seems that I never have time for photos when the light is right and even when I have time, I drag my feet and procrastinate. Yes, I admit it, I ‘d rather be knitting than editing photos. So what about you? Do you love to take photos? Or do you leave them until the very end?

Anyway in this post I have two pairs. One that I knit in September and completely neglect to take photos in time and one that I knit this month.

For September I pick the Dreaming of Paris pattern by Joji Locatelli. I choose this pattern to be one of my entries to Joji’s Fall’s Kal and now that I said that, I realise that I neglected to post in the finish page of the Kal, too (I’m hopeless!).

The pattern was great, I loved the lace and the stripes, but if I made it again, I would use the helical stripe technique to avoid jogs.

For October the Cozy Autumn Socks by This Handmade Life was the obvious choice. The lace was easy enough to memorise. I love how they turned out and I love the “pumpkin” colors.

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