Crochet Ghost Pumpkin

Make your own mini crochet ghost pumpkin in just a few hours, for a perfect cute Halloween decoration!

The Ghost Pumpkin Pattern is also available as a free PDF download.

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Yarn: Cotton, sport yarn in white and grey.

Crochet Hook: 2.5 mm.

Other notions: Fiberfill for stuffing, tapestry needle, stitch markers, scissors.

Finished Measurements

Aprox. 5 cm (2 in) wide and 4.5 cm (1.8 in) tall. When made with suggested yarn weight and hook.


The pattern is written in US terminology.

R: Round/Row
ch: chain
mc: magic circle
sc: single crochet
inc: increase 1 st
dec: decrease 1 st
5 dc shell: 5 double crochet in the same st
sl st: slip stitch
st(s): stitch(es)
{…}: repeat instructions between {}
(…): total number of sts of the round


R1: In mc work 6 sc. (6 sts).
R2: {inc} 6 times. (12 sts).
R3: {1 sc, inc} 6 times. (18 sts).
R4: {2 sc, inc} 6 times. (24 sts).
R5: {1 sc, inc} 12 times. (36 sts).
R6: {5 sc, inc} 6 times. (42 sts).
R7-11: 42 sc. (42 sts).
R12: {4 sc, dec} 7 times. (35 sts).
R13: {dec, 1 sc, dec} 7 times. (21 sts).
R14: work this round in the front loops of round 13. {5 dc shell, skip 1 st, 1 sc} 7 times. (42 sts).
R15: work this round in the back loops of round 13. {1 sc, dec} 7 times. (14 sts).
Stuff the pumpkin with fiberfill.
R16: {dec} 7 times. (7 sts).

Fasten off, leave a very long tail for sewing. Weave the tail through the front loops of the remaining 7 sts, then pull to close the hole.

To make the ridges, insert your needle through the bottom of the pumpkin through the middle and out the top. Weave the needle with a running stitch, through the single crochet rounds, down to the bottom of the pumpkin (do not catch the ghost skirt). Pull tight to create the indentation. Repeat 5 more times and secure the thread. Weave in the end.

R1: In mc work 5 sc. (5 sts).
R2-3: 5 sc. (5 sts).
R4: {inc} 5 times. (10  sts).
Sl st in the first st to close the round. Fasten off, leave long tail for sewing.
Sew the stalk on top of the pumpkin.

Ch 13, turn. 
R1: {3 sc in the same st} 12 times.
Fasten off, leave long tail for sewing.
Sew the vain on the stalk.

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