I’m an elf!

For the second year I became an elf and I participate in the Christmas craft materials exchange, coordinated by Anna from in my closet. For the exchange we ought to make a packet that contained a sweet, a christmas card, a handmade gift, 5 craft materials and then send it to our elf. Each elf should give a packet and receive an other. The elf pairs are choosen by Anna. Then we must use the craft materials in order to create something.


So I prepared a packet with fabrics, tassels, lace, rings for earrings and various jewelry findings. Chocholate, christmas card and of course handmade gifts, I can’t tell you about them because my elf hasn’t received the packet yet and I don’t want to spoil the surprise.


Before I send my packet, I had already received mine from my elf, thank you again Maro Pi. I loved it! It was filled with goodies: yarn, little pieces of fabric, ring bases, earring fidings, stars, buttons, beads and craft pappers. Of course a card, chocolates, sweets and a handmade gift, a jar candle holder. Even the packet was a gingerbread house handmade of cardboard.


After I read my card, ate the sweets (my boys helped) and checked out my new craft materials, I beggun to crochet a cowl with the yarn that my elf sent me.


In the meantime I wait for my packet to reach its destination and see what my elf is going to make with her materials, which  I hope she likes.


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