Knit Bib

Before I decide on the next knitting project, I saw several designs and patterns. Eventually I chose to make a simple bib and the reasons that led me to this decision were three:

Firstly because it’s incredibly cute. Just look at it.


Secondly because it was small and its knitting would be quickly and without making me tired or bored.

And thirdly because even though it a small project it had a lot to teach me. And to explain it better, to make this bib I needed to know:

  • To add stitches (make 1)
  • To decrease
  • To purl
  • Short rows (wrap and turn)
  • To place markers
  • (short rows)
  • To make an I-cord
  • bla

For someone new to knitting, all of the above may sound difficult, to me at first they seemed like that, but there are many videos on the internet that explain them in detail, so if you want to knit it you can find the instructions οδηγίες εδώ.

Now I am looking for the next project

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