Dresses and cookies

When did June come? Time really flies. I wanted to write this post from Easter but I kept postponed it, fortunately the summer has less obligations and I can be more organised.

I had seen on the internet a summer dress that combine crochet and fabric and I decided to make my own version for my nieces.

Pink for the one (the photo sucks and doesn’t do justice to both the color and the dress)


Purple for the other


To make it easy to wear, I use buttons on the back


Now you will tell me what cookies have to do with all this. Well, at the same time that I was making the dresses, I took part in the Ermioni contest from the one with all the tastes and I had the pleasure to win a book with cookies rescpies by Athena Panou. Hermione thank you very much, keep inspiring us with cooking and give as gifts like that.

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