Woodland Creatures


Last fall, we took the kids to the nearest forest, and among other things we have a very interesting conversation about forest animals. Not that particular forest, but forest animals in general. Bears, foxes, deers, bunnies and owls are some of the animals that we talked about, that day.

The same night, I was playing with my hooks and yarns, without a specific project in mind, I crochet a fox. Obviously I was affected by the conversation with the kids.

My first idea was to make a few more animals but life has a schedule of its own, so the whole project went on hold. A short time ago I saw the fox sitting in a basket looking sad, so I made her some friends, at last.

Finally I made two little mushrooms and I joined them all together, with a long chain, to make a garland.


Since this would be a very long post if I went on an written all the instructions together, I decided to write a post for every animal and then link it below.






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