I had this shawl pattern on my queue for quite some time, so when I picked up this knitcrate yarn I thought I give it a try.

The pattern is vergissmeinnicht by Faden Freundin and it’s a top down, symmetric shawl. The first part of the pattern was very easy so I managed to knit it in the car while travelling, obviously on the passenger seat. The lacy part wasn’t difficult either, but you do need to pay attention to the instructions.


The yarn is Vidalana by Knitcrate in the Tassel colorway. I bought a couple of knitcrate boxes last year. I used one for this project and I couldn’t be happier. The fabric is warm and squishy and beautiful. The only problem is that I didn’t have enough yarn to finish all the lace repeats so I left out the last repeat and used the leftover yarn to make tassels.

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