Secret Crafter 2015


At the beginning of November, Anna of “in my closet” organised a Christmas exchange with craft supplies. The rules were very simple, all the participants had to transform to secret elves, prepare a parcel with craft supplies and send it to another elf. Then we must try and create something with the supplies we are given.

The parcel must contain: A Christmas card, something edible (sweet), a hand made gift and five different craft supplies that we already have and don’t want anymore.

In my parcel I found a hand made Christmas card and a very sweet note from my secret elf Sofia – Dimitra and her daughter.


A chocolate for me and a great deal of chocolate wafers for my boys (they went nuts). A hand made soap and a house calendar for 2016.


A pouch full of evening primrose seeds (my favourite) and 5 crafts supplies: coffee filters, candy cups, rhinestones, a piece of hello kitty fabric, ice cream sticks and a child’s toothbrush (not in the photo).


First we ate the chocolates! Then I used my supplies.

I dip my coffee filters in watercolour and as soon as they were dry I used them to make paper flowers.


I glued the candy cups together to form a garland.


My seeds are waiting to be planted when spring arrives.

The rest of the supplies are not used. Yet.


My parcel travelled to Thessaloniki and it contained:

  • A hand made Christmas card.
  • Granola bars.
  • A hand made doll.
  • Five craft supplies:
    • fabrics
    • wool felt
    • chains
    • hoop earrings
    • rhinestones

I’m looking forward to seeing what the recipient will make with her supplies.

I wish you all a wonderful and creative 2016!

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