pyjama case


My boys share the same room. As a result, the older one gets up in the morning for school and gets dressed in the living room so that the younger one does not wake up. Then he always left his pyjamas for me to pick up the from the floor, the sofas, the kitchen table, the bathroom or wherever he had thrown them. Unfortunately, this practice continued even now that the schools were closed and they wake up together

When the new school year start my the yang one will go to kindergarten so the problem of morning dressing is solved, they will wake up at the same time and get dressed in their room. Now it remains for them to learn to fold their pyjamas. Here we have a difficulty because throwing them everywhere has become a habit and the habits are difficult to stop.

At first I just asked him to pick them up, he took them from the living room, muttering through his teeth something and threw them in his room. When I told him again to pick them up, he told me that he did not know where to put therm. And then I realised, all he needs is a specific spot for his pyjamaw and what better than a case with his favourite character for this job?

First I crochet two circles, about 30 cm in diameter.


Then I Joined half circumference together and I sew a zipper in the other half. For the face and belly I use felt.


I glue the face pieces with fabric glue.


I sew the white felt first and then I glue the rest .


Then I crochet the feathers and sew them on top. On the longest I use a button so it can be hang.


Well to tell you the truth is not the most beautiful thing I ever made but I hope it will be to be practical enough. Now I want to make one for the little one, maybe the yellow bird or the pig, I am not sure yet, but I will report soon about the case and if it actual help or not.

Happy crocheting!

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