Pyjama Case Part B

Good month. Apparently I took the opportunity to make some changes that I wanted for a long time on blog a little, I hope you like it as much as I do. I also want to inform you that the kouvarakia are now have their own Facebook page and you can find it here here or by using the button on the right.
If you remember an attempt I made to persuade my big boy to pick up his pyjamas, I made an angry bird case to put them in. After trying it all summer I can say with confidence that the project was successful. Okay, there are days when he forgets them, but the difference is huge. In the meantime, we put the little one's inside too so that he could also learn and not be jealous, but it was time for his own, so we discussed it and ended up with a pig case (from angry birds again). His impatience was so great that he would come every two minutes and ask if I was done and in the end he desperately told me that he did not want his pig to have two ears, he only needed one and I would give it to him now.
For this case I use the same recipe as the previews one, I crochet to circles with a diameter about 30 cm and I joined together leaving half the diameter open to sew a zipper.

For the nose and the eyes I use felt and fabric glue.


 Finally I sew a button so it can be hang.


So, do you have any trick to share? How do you make your kids to pick up the clothes?

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