Owls Favors

crochet favors

Normally in this post I would talk to you about the baptism of my niece,which took place earlier this month. I would show you photos with the favors I made in the baskets (remember the samples?), the book of wishes and the decoration of the church. Maybe the little girl’s christening dress along with the cross and the candle. I would also tell you what a good time we had.

Unfortunately I will not show you any of these, because I didn’t see them either. You see my oldest brought home the first virus of the year and he gave it to me generously, so I was lay sick in bed all weekend. So I will only show you the owls favors, which was also the theme of the baptism.

Foe the adults we decided to make half favors keychains and the other half decorative magnets. For the keychains I crochet a long chain in the top of the owls and I slip a key ring. For the others I glued magnets on the back.


For the children I used more intense colors and followed this design, , which I really like. Inside I put a small rattle. The size is large enough to fit comfortably in a children’s hand.


Finally, in order for the testimonials  to follow the same theme, I made small owl motifs and I attached a safety pin on them together with a cross. I attached a ribbon trim on the them too but I don’t have a photo to show you.

owl-motifHere you can see the size different.




Have a wonderful week.

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