Needle book

How many needles do you have? I have too many. Not because I need them, but because I never remember where I place them, so I buy new ones whenever I want to sew something. I found the old ones and now I need to organise them. That’s why I made this needle book case so I can pinned them to its pages.


I use denim for the outer fabric, cotton for the inside and felt for the pages.


It has four pages to fit many needles. For closure, I put a button and made a loop with a string that I sewed between the fabrics.


For decoration I use the lace that I had made with tatting.


It was an easy project, even for a completely beginner like me and it was a good opportunity to get acquainted with my mom’s sewing machine


Now I have to make one for my crochet hooks.

How did you organize your needles?

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