Minion Gloves


Last year I decided to learn how to knit gloves. Then I postponed it until I felt more confident with my double pointed needles. Of course, spring arrived before that happen, so there was no need for me to make them at the time. And thus we reached this winter, where gloves became a necessity and I could not afford postponing them anymore.


First I watched a couple of videos (I found this very helpful), then I found a pattern with basic instructions for kids gloves, I made my swatch and I started to knit my first glove. When I reached the fingers I realise that the size was too small. This troubled me because my gauge was right, but I riped it anyway and I cast on for the next size. Obviously the larger size was not correct either so I abandoned it for a month or so.


The third time I cast aside the pattern, I checked my gauge again and measured my kid’s hand and with simple math I calculated how many stitches I needed to cast on and… I did it! I knit all the way to the base of the fingers and it fit like… eer… a glove!


Luckily the fingers were simple to make, all I needed was to try it on my kid’s hand, in regular intervals until I reached the length I needed for each.


Finally I crochet the eyes and I sew them on with a tapestry needle.


I just couldn’t resist making a matching hat.

If anyone told me that I have to make two more gloves in order to make them right I would have probably postponed it for another year, but we learn through endless mistakes, so it’s OK. Soon I will show you my eldest son’s gloves too.

Until then I would love to know if you had any patterns that you postponed in the past.

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