June And July Socks


Last months I did’t have much time for blogging but that was not the case for knitting. So I managed to finish two pairs of socks, my June and my July socks.


For the first pair I followed the Debete sock pattern by Maria Zilakou. To be honest it was supposed to be my May sock pattern and I did start to knit it back then but I ran into a few problems.

I started knitting the rib with the suggested needle size but my gauge was very wrong so I ripped it all and started again with smaller size needles. After I finished with the ribbing and went to the leg part I had to rip back a few times because I kept messing up with the lace instructions. The lace was easy enough but I wasn’t pay much attention to it.

When I finally reached the heel part I had completely forgotten my original plan of using different yarn colour for the heels and toes and I kept knitting with the same. So when I finished with the first sock I realised that my leftover yarn was not enough for the second sock.


I thought of ripping it back again and use the contrast colour but in the end I decided against it and ordered more yarn. And that was when I chose to go with the Rose City Rollers pattern for the month of May.

Fortunately when the yarn came and I started to knit the second sock everything went smoothly and I finished without problems, and because I didn’t needed a lot of the yarn for the second sock I used the leftover for my July socks.


For July I followed the Tennarisukka pattern by Taina Anttila. Have I told to you how much I love ankle socks? You cast on, you knit for a moment and then you cast off. Done!

By the way the yarn I used for both patterns was Drops Fabel in color 108.


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