Crochet Nest With Eggs


My two boys don’t usually ask of me to crochet something for them, but when they do, most of the time I drop whatever I am making and get on it. One of these rare occasions that I didn’t, was a certain request from my eldest son. He has been asking me for some time to make him a nest and three eggs, and while I kept telling him that I will, for some reason it just flew out of my mind.

Now, while on vacation, I finally remembered and got started with it before I forget it again. First comes the nest:


Then come the eggs:


And just when I was prepping the photo-shoot, the worst has come to pass… I droped and cracked them:


So I had to start over.

Now, if you were wondering why he wants a nest with three eggs, here is a hint:


Enjoy the rest of your summer!

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