Crochet Cables And Puff Stitch


Most of my projects start and finish without any special thoughts and usually move to their new home before I take their photo. And there the ones that stay unfinished for many months (and some that are never completed). This skirt belongs to the second category. I started to crochet on October and just finished last week (and when I say finish I mean the crochet part, I still need to sew the lining).

cables and puff stitch

The pattern is made of crochet cables and puff stitches and is called wheat stitch. The first time I saw the pattern, it was on a Russian site that had a crochet shorts pattern and the stitch charts. Because I don’t wear shorts to often I used this pattern to make a skirt.


The pattern looks daunting at first, but it’s really very simple and repeatable, and this means that after a few rows you can crochet without looking at the instructions.

wheat stitch

The skirt works from top down, first on rows and then on continuous rounds. When I finish with the lining I will make another post with the skirt instructions.

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