Basics Stitches Part A

Slip knot

Make a circle with the yarn free tail on top.


Insert the hook into the circle, grab the top yarn and pull up a loop through the circle.


Pull the strands to tighten the slip knot.


Yarn Over

Wrap the yarn from back to front over the hook.


Chain stitch

Start with a slip knot. Yarn over and draw up a loop. You complete a chain. Repeat to make as many chains as your pattern requires.


In the photo below you can see a chain with 8 stitches. The loop on the hook doesn’t count as stitch.


Turning chain

To work the second row you will need to make a turning chain with one or more stitches and turn the work. Because some stitches are taller than others, the number of stitches on the turning chain depends on what stitch you will make next. For example single crochet needs 1 ch, half double crochet needs 2 chains and double crochet 3 chains.

I will come back with more stitches in the meantime you can send me a message for any quastion.

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