When I was sixteen, a friend of mine teach me to knit. Well just the basics, cast on, knit, purl and bind off. I knit a few squares for practise and I didn’t do anything else.

Lately I have been constantly browsing the internet for kitting projects, instructions and tutorials, so I decided: I will learn to knit. I already have the materials, yarn especially and I have needles from my first attempts. For everything else there is the internet.

There I accidentally found the pattern for the scarf I started. The pattern is for a shawl but I change the number of the needles and now it becomes a scarf. I found it ideal for a first project because I wanted something to go fast without having to constantly read the instructions, but also to teach me something new. With this I learn how to increase with yarn overs and decrease with knit 2 together.

You can find the pattern here.

Happy knitting

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